Sunday, April 28, 2013

Getting stuff done...and started.

So, until I finish my stash of sock yarn, you'll keep seeing more of socks. These are made from Schachenmayr, Catania Fine Color. 100% cotton. Now, I'm seriously Not a fan of self striping, but I really like these colors. And since each skein is 50g, about 165m, I figured I'd knit them both toe up. That way, I could make them as long as they allowed or as short as I wanted. Easy, peasy. ...NOT.                                 I started the first sock by finding the end in the center of the skein. Then, having two sets of double pointed size 2's, I prepared to start the second sock at the same time. I looked and hunted and dug for the center of the other skein. No go. So, I set up my ball winder and wound a skein from the outside, twice. That way both socks would have the same color progression just like the factory makes them, right? Sigh. Nope. Guess what I did? Yep. I tore it out and wound the skein. Again.                                          When I was part way up the second foot, I realized that the stripes didn't match. But if I ripped out and re-knit the toes starting an inch along the yarn, "top" down, they would be perfect. You guessed it! I ripped them out backwards. In case you wondered, it comes out easily on the stocking stitch, but the ribbing needs to be picked out. Good times. I do like the resulting socks, though.

These place mats have been on Sophie for Ever. I couldn't figure out the pattern I wanted and finally realized that I didn't know how to make the yarns move the way I wanted without finding another pattern and altering it. Besides, this yarn is another example of using what's in the stash instead of what I'd like to see. The thick weft is eight strands of the 5/2 and the thin is one. Anyway, 5/2 cotton. Warp rep. Eh. They'll do.

And while I was busy hemming placemats, I figured I might as well hem this, too. It's a plaited twill from 8 Shaft Patterns, p. 104, #374, 12 epi. You can see the front and back of this pretty 3/2 cotton (from my stash) baby blanket  I wove it on my Gilly (Gilmore). Anyone having a girl?

And finally (well not really---there's always something more), my hubby and I made another trip to Solvang where I got this canvas on sale. The colors the company chose do Not make me happy, so you can see that I've started playing with color. The water no longer looks like a swamp. I love to see the picture come to life as I work/play.                                         And just so you don't worry that that "finally" was real, I'll admit that I have another pair of socks over half done in my purse. Sophie's getting dressed in a mohair scarf. Suzie, my Majacraft spinning wheel, is in the midst of repairs on her drive belt, but she's wearing some pretty cotton. And there are the early signs of more napkins on Julia. Poor Gilly is naked, though. Okay. Go ahead and worry.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

More socks

Well, more socks. Big surprise. I can't remember where this yarn was from. All I know is that it was in my stash and I'd used my ballwinder for it. What I've been doing with all of the socks up until now, is changing up my "vanilla" pattern. For whatever reason, I've been always using 64 stitches for the socks, all of them. What did you say? Knit a gauge first? And socks wear better if they have negative ease? So, I've been experimenting. That's what you see here. Not bad, hmm. 
I, of course, already have another pair of socks in my purse. I took them with me when I went for some oral surgery. There I was with my meditation music on over my earphones, still needing to distract myself. What the hey! I don't really watch what I'm doing while I'm knitting, anyway. So, guess what I did?!