Friday, December 19, 2014

I've wanted to try weaving with a fine yarn. Over a year ago I bought some 60/2 silk from RedFish. I chose a pattern, did the math, cut the warp...and life happened. So, I'm finally back to it. The thing is, I couldn't find my worksheet, and what pattern I'd chosen. Rewind. I was surprised that it wasn't terribly difficult to dress Sophie with such fine yarn. It's like thread. I decided to use a snowflake pattern. 
This is from Twill Thrills. For whatever reason I couldn't keep my place. I ended up using a stitch marker and sliding it along!

It's amazing how fast it weaves up. There's only one problem. I don't have the right size temple. I thought I could do without, but I broke a selvedge thread after about three inches. Do over! I'd rather stop and start again when the temple I ordered gets here.

And you guessed it! It's sock time! I liked the way this yarn knit up and looked in a reverse stocking stitch rib. It turns out my son likes them better the other way around. I'd call the way he's wearing them inside out (look at the toe and heel), but he's happy. 
The rug he's on is a handwoven rug we bought in Jordan.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

It's All Learning

I finished the fiddly 12 shaft yardage! So, here's another tote. After doing 36 epi (a little to loose, although not flimsy) and here at 42 epi (odd striping in the warp with this reed), I've decided that the perfect sett for totes with 10/2 cotton, is 40.   
 Looking to the future, I asked Joanne at Glimakra USA what I need to know to be ready for a drawloom. She sent me some patterns. This is one of them from her website. It's an 8 shaft drall.
From start to finish, with life in between, I got these done in four days!

Yes, I know I'll never be a stylist.