Monday, May 26, 2014

I Did it!

I did it! I finished the grocery totes!
These are from the yardage Sophie and I were playing with. They're beautiful and functional, but I think I'll sett them closer next time. Maybe instead of 36 ends per inch, 40 or 42. Although it may change the pattern somewhat, I'd like the cloth to be a little more dense. The pattern is a crackle weave from   
At work, I have to pick up and put down my knitting at a moment's notice. So, I was desperate for a row counter of sorts to keep track of this pattern. The pretty stone counter/markers I bought were a little too heavy for sock knitting. And I kept forgetting which row I was on when using them. The bead store didn't have number beads, but they did have letters. It works!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

In Process and Making Progress

I'm in the process of and making progress towards finishing some projects. 
Here's a better picture of those socks I made for my nephew.

I made a yummy challah on Friday that was enjoyed by all. However, it has been requested that I give whole wheat a try from now on. There goes my perfect recipe. I'll have to start from scratch on the new one.

As you can see, this 60/2 silk from Redfish Dyeworks is cut. I've never worked with anything this fine before. I'm waiting for the 30 dent per inch reed (it's like a fine-toothed comb for keeping the threads organized) to come from Glimakra.

While I'm waiting, I'm preparing another warp. This is more of the 8/2 cotton I bought from Glimakra USA. By wrapping the yarn repeatedly, back and forth, along the same path on this warping frame, each piece will be the same length.                         If you squint at the bottom right of the picture, you can see the green yardage that's ready to come off of Sophie for the grocery totes.

I decided to make a sample. I know, I know. Will miracles never cease?! Anyway, it's a good thing that I did. As different as these yarns are, the Shadow Weave pattern hardly shows. I'm glad I haven't wasted more time and energy on this.

These are the current socks in process. And, No. They are not that pink. Will I never figure out how to get the colors right with the camera? Since they're toe-up, I'm knitting them at the same time, from both ends of the ball.           In the background, do you see that exquisite tool? It's a rolling pin my hubby and I bought at Grist and Toll for Mother's Day.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Silly grin

I'm having so much fun with Sophie. I find that I have a silly grin on my face while I'm weaving!
This is a 10/2 pearl cotton, 36epi done in a 6 shaft crackle weave. The warp is more of a bright yellow than it shows. This is the yardage I'd like to use to make some grocery totes.
And these socks are for my nephew. They're knitted toe-up with Mountain Colors sock yarn that is a darker blue than it appears.