Monday, January 6, 2014

The Lure of a Trunk Show

I wasn't planning on going. Really, I wasn't! Anzula was making a three hour stop at my LYS and bringing fiber. And I have this pattern for doggie sweaters and they'd be a fun break from socks. So, my sweet, enabler honey and I headed over to A Major to visit and buy some Encore, and just look. Really.              The fiber was at the front door, so I petted and caressed and cuddled it for a little while. I limited myself to the Baby Alpaca and Baby Llama. Then, I picked the two skeins I needed for Dobby and Winky's sweaters. I wasn't planning on turning around, but my hand brushed against the yarn and I was hooked. I ended up with two skeins of Wash My Lace in the 1 Red Shoe. And they had a pretty cardigan pattern for it there, too. I love being able to download a pattern from Ravelry.               Besides that, I got to chat with Donna Nelson, the chinchilla lady. I have a picture of her fiber here. She showed me a couple of needlepoints she's been working on. And we compared our purchases.

None of this counts as stash if I have a plan for it. Right? Here is some of the yarn I got for the blankies I'm putting on Sophie next.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Dobby and Winky have Very short fur. So, I bought fabric to make rain coats to keep the doggies warm and dry on their walks. I know, optimistic considering the current state of drought. They say this is the driest winter on record. Anyway, this shiny black material seemed perfect for the purpose. Unfortunately, it has no hand. That means that it sticks straight out! Too funny!         And, once again, I went for a shortcut. When I made the first coat, I didn't bother clipping the curves of the neck to make the hood fit. Sigh. When will I learn? Shortcuts? Bad! ...Yes, I clipped away on the second neckline. I'm not going to show you, but the fit is quite different with and without.

And as it turned out, my sewing efforts were wasted. Dobby and Winky refused to move when we put the coats on them!

Another pair of socks for Benny. These are out of Zauerball.

I finished the towels. It's amazing how much they changed. Go back to the picture of them on the loom! I planned for three and ended up with two and a half. There was LOTS of shrinkage!!! I'll know next time! Towels are the Best samples ever!

I'm making an infinity scarf for my niece out of leftover wool from my sweater. (Stash busting once again! Woo, Hoo!)         Take a look at the stitch markers. I picked them up when I was in Boston at a neighborhood art fair. The maker had bracelets and necklaces for sale, all of which can be taken apart to be used as stitch markers.
What a great way to keep track of those markers when I'm done!