Friday, March 28, 2014

While I do paperwork and prep...I admire other people's shared work

I'm finally buckling down and doing some planning and design and math for my next projects. I'd like to make a grocery tote. And I'm sampling to see how a couple of my stash yarns work together for a scarf. In the meantime, I had a tour with one friend and show-and-tell with another.

Joy Krauthammer learned to weave in the 70's at the Brooklyn Museum School of Art.

They told her, "you can't".

She said, "but look!"

Double weave and manipulation.

Cactus in the sunset.

More double weave.

Some lucky baby is going to get Maureen's lovely M's and O's baby blanket.

This is the yardage she's going to use for her grocery tote. The hand (the way the cloth feels) is perfect for it's purpose.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Some Old Projects

I'm pleased to say, I've been getting to some old projects. Two of my UFO's (unfinished objects) have been completed. It's such a relief to get things off of my To Do list.

This is Habu 24. It's another of the silk yarns with the stainless steel core. I decided to leave off the pattern's collar. It's a lot of fun to knit. I like the Japanese style pattern. I do not like how easily it snags.        I also went back and re-did the band on the red sweater, for the third time. I just didn't like the way it hung on me before.

And here is my next big project. This is the master bathroom's shower floor after it's been scrubbed clean. Besides the extreme wear, the shower pan is shot.

We have a settling problem, too. And, the floor should have 18 inches between wood beams. It has four feet.

The sink is cracked.

And the floor is in need of floor. I'm so excited to finally have it all done! Stay tuned!

Remember my backyard project? It's progressing nicely. Most of it is without my assistance. Even with the drought, it's been growing like crazy! There's only a little weeding to do. And I'm working on the new path.

There's a little frost damage that I need to see to and some weed type grass that needs to be dug out, again.

I love that there's always something blooming.

I've been making the time to play with dough, again. We found a new supplier for flour called Grist and Toll. This loaf is from a recipe I'd called bland when I made it with store bought flour. It's all whole wheat. It's incredible now. And it tastes as good as it looks!