Friday, June 26, 2020


Is it still de-stashing if it's no longer fiber? Happily, I didn't need to buy any yarn to make these. And now, there's less fiber in my closet stash and on the yarn tree. My drawer of finished objects is getting full, though. Ummm. A different kind of stash?
This cute sweater is a 4T. I made it because I had the yarn, a pattern and some time. Drawer.

With some amazing help from Ravelry (typed messages and suggestions and one woman in PA actually spent over an hour on the videophone with me), I was able to learn how to adjust my drawloom properly. I completed the following baby blankets in record time! The designs I found on Pinterest. I've tweaked all of them, some more than others. None of them had the designer's names attached.
I chain plyed the yarn before I could use it for this weft. This blanket is actually going to our friends' daughter. She and her conductor husband just had a baby! 

There should be a story here. Until someone thinks of one or there's need for the blanket, it's off to the drawer, for now.

I think it's So fun that the bunny has run off the edge!
Hmmm. Maybe I should find someplace other than the drawer, so the bunny doesn't escape. Besides, the drawer is getting FULL!

Wednesday, May 20, 2020


My sister says I've been getting all kinds of things done. She's right. I've been knitting like a fiend. But after the knitting (or whatever), everything tends to sit while I procrastinate over the final step, the finishing.

I wove this rug about three years ago, and we've been getting a lot of use out of it. But the header (the dark navy edge near the fringe) is a cotton that shrank more than the rest of the rug. It was pulling up as if I'd laced a drawstring through the ends.

When I finally figured out why the rug was not laying flat, I decided to try snipping those threads. Voila!

After I'd spun this wool, I Navajo plied it (three ply). I didn't like the way it knitted up, so I had to unspin it. For knitting, it's called a gauge. For weaving, it's called sampling. Either way, if I'd bothered to do this to see how the yarn would behave when knitted up, I wouldn't have ended up knitting three hats and ending up with two. (It's called "frogging". Ripping  out.) Luckily, knitting hats doesn't take much time. Finished!

By the time my LYS closed in the end of January, I'd made some serious inroads into my policy of only buying yarn if I had a project in mind, and a reason for it. I bought Paintbox Knits by Bonnette and Murchland. Then, I purchased the yarn and buttons. This dress is a 2T. I made it just because. Now, I'm building a stash of FOs (as opposed to UFOs---UnFinished Objects).

With the left overs, I made the dress on the left. All of these are 18mos size in Juniper Moon Farm "Neve" (pure Peruvian pima cotton).

And, again with the leftovers, I made this 18 mos size sweater/jacket. All four garments needed to be blocked to be finished.

This sweater sat for about two months before I finally blocked it, along with those baby clothes. I admit to dragging my heels...a lot. But Finally! I'm finished! Of course, now, it'll be too hot to wear the sweater until next winter.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Clean House

This is how I clean my house. If I finish something, a project or a puzzle or a magazine, I can get rid of it. Then, there's one less thing in the "to do" pile!

Years ago, I bought 2 oz of this Friesan Lamb wool in Oregon. I spun it up in just a few hours. I'll probably use it for a dryer ball.

Just last year, I did a spinning and weaving demo for my friend's school. She gifted me with a bag of cotton that they'd grown there. I spent several days picking out all of the plant matter. Doesn't it look squeeze-ably soft?

A five years ago, I cut a warp for a rug, but my math was off. I had twice as many ends as I needed. That warp has been sitting in the "to do" pile. Now, not only have I used up that warp, but two bins of cloth have now been consolidated into one! This pattern is from Handwoven, Summer 1985.

Because I was using up, and actually running out of fabric, you can see where I added some green strips to the blue and light blue to the dark blue. Shocking, I know! By allowing it not to be perfect, I actually learned something! And I'm happy with the results!
With the last of the warp, here's the last of the fabric strips...except the red. There's always more red.

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Self soothing to keep calm

With all the goings on going on, I've been self soothing, doing things that make me feel calm.
I finished spinning and plying this 50/50 Silk/Camel blend from Redfish. It is so soft to the touch!
 And the 8oz of fiber I started with is now 800yds of two ply.
After such a long project, it felt good to do a shorter one (and to get something else out of my fiber stash). I spun up 2 oz of Milk fiber, called Casin. I haven't done the math to figure out how many yards it is. 
This pair of socks was from a yarn I picked up at last year's yarn crawl. I taught myself how to do a different kind of heel. It's called a short row heel. I'm definitely going to try it, again!
I'm finally down to just one box of fabric scraps and lengths. Don't ask me how tired I am of these same fabrics. Really. Don't! I went onto Youtube to see how to cut it into continuous strips for weaving.
Right now, I'm using some of it to weave a rug with Sophie. I haven't been completely pleased with my previous rug projects, but practice is how I learn.
When my LYS closed, I picked up a pack of five small skeins of Manos del Uruguay, Fino. It's extrafine merino and silk. I really enjoyed doing the colorwork with this fine yarn.
It was so much fun, that I went ahead and used the other set of colors I'd bought. I ran out of the white with about 10 stitches to go. Can you tell? 

The hat is from a free Ravelry pattern called, "Katie's Kep". Such a lovely crown on this hat!

Monday, March 16, 2020

I'm Still Here!

Hey, Everyone! I'm still here!
I haven't done any spinning or weaving for months. But since I'm finally feeling more myself, I've gone back under the loom.

I wove this towel months ago. The pattern and cone of bulky cotton chenille are from Halcyon Yarn. The 5/2 cotton is from my stash. I finally washed and hemmed the towel. 
Now, I've made many towels but, I've never been completely satisfied with their absorbency. Ever. This pattern called for the use of a product I'd never heard of, Soda Ash. It changed the towel from one that moves water from place to place to one that actually absorbs and dries!!

So, what have I been doing?
Well, I made this sweet koala, just because.

And, ta-da! I knit this sweater. The pattern is from the Wool Studio, The Norah Gaughan Collection magazine. I used Berroco's Ultra Wool Fine.

It's another style that I would never have thought was for me. And I adore it!

Now, on to my next knitting project. This is from Ann Budd's, Top Down Sweaters book.

It's California, so I can't exactly say I'm trying to get ahead of things for spring. Spring's about here.

For the first time in a couple of years, the wisteria is putting on a show!

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Little projects

I've been trying to get some little projects done.
I bought a doll house kit,

that came with dolls and their pets.


Made mittens for an upcoming trip to the snow

and a cowl.

One of my nieces said I'd never made her any socks, so I got that done.

My husband bought me a new sewing machine at our neighbors' estate sale.

Okay. Maybe it's not so new, but it works like a dream

Most of my free time has been taken up with a not so little project. I've been trying to reclaim my backyard meadow from invasive grasses.

with some success.

On a day trip, we found a kit to make a cloth book in the local quilting store.

It was a fast, fun project.

Not quite as fast, but extremely satisfying was my reorganizing of this cabinet. My serger finally has a place to live (other than the floor) when not in use!!
The owners of my LYS (local yarn store) have been discounting some of their merchandise prior to their retirement. I'd been looking at this organic cotton, baby blanket kit, and with our friends' newest arrival, I had two excuses to purchase it, along with some other fiber...

...was that me who said: "I stash fiber, not yarn," (forgetting that they say, "never say 'never'!)?

Sunday, November 3, 2019

No Theme

It's funny how purely by happenstance, there tends to be a theme to my posts. This time around, you're on your own. I can't find one.
I've been dawdling through a towel with Sophie. The pattern is simple (1,2,1,2,1,2,2,1,2,1,2, etc), but I kept losing count and weaving too many rows. So, I decided to go on a hunt for an abacus. This is so much easier for me to keep track of, throw the shuttle, slide a bead, repeat.

I made a tiger from Edward's Menagerie with some yarn I had left over.

This is my first successful round braiding! Isn't it pretty?!

Socks, always socks!

This pattern was in a "Vogue Knitting" magazine, early fall 2019. The sweater's not my usual style, but for some reason, I couldn't resist. Besides, it turns out, it matches my skirt!

Here's a better picture.

And the back (rather obvious, I know).

Edward's Menagerie strikes, again! My grandbaby was "the man in the yellow hat" for Halloween, so here's his Curious George.

And I'll finish with more diaper covers for someone else's end.