Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Dobby and Winky wanted to know what were all the goings on, going on? 
You see, we've all been needing a little spinzen.
Gingie and I took ours in the form of some merino/silk fiber. At the same time, I was prepping for a rag rug (that was to be my last mandatory project before I could start playing with my new drawloom).

Rag rugs mean cutting a LOT of fabric strips to be used to weave with instead of yarn. I'd hoped that this rug for our front hall would use up most of my fabric stash. Sigh. Dream on. I am pleased with how well the rug turned out!
The pattern is called Rosepath. To finish the fringe, I learned to do four-stranded braiding. It's supposedly flatter than three-strand. Anyway, since I'd completed the rug, I wanted to get a quick start on dressing the drawloom to show off it's paces to the masses. (I've been waiting so patiently to get started!) Unfortunately, we decided Sophie would need to relocate for a temporary hiatus. Twenty minutes and...

Yep. That's Sophie, relegated to a corner of our bedroom. And "the masses" came in the form of over 60 people in our house for an "Out of Towners' " party. Why 'out of towners'? Remember when I was being cryptic about a secret?

I was weaving yardage using a pattern from Twill Thrills to make a chuppah (wedding canopy) for my daughter and son in law. This is ecru and whipple blue tencel.  

We did a trial run in the living room to see if it would work. Then, the real thing: