Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I did it! I finished the blankies! This was not an easy project, all my fault. If I had listened to Joanne at Glimakra USA, this would have been a 6 or 8 shaft pattern. But me? I jump right in to the 12. Cannonball!!! Quite the splash. At least it's not a belly flop. It turned out okay. The randomly placed colors in the warp give it a stripey look. I'd like to see the pattern done with a thicker yarn, like a 3/2.  

Here's front and back.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

OK. I give. We had someone over yesterday, and with three looms in the living room we had to enter walking sideways. I'm used to it, but really.?! So, today my hubby and I moved Julia into the dining room for a temporary respite. Now, I can finish the rag rug I'm working on. Then, we'll take her apart and move her into our bedroom.

This project is both a stash buster and a necessity. One of the old rag rugs I made is eroding and badly needs to be replaced. And this yardage is leftovers from sewing. The newest is probably 15 yrs old. I started out intending to make a stripey pattern. Yeah. No. There's not as much of the dark fabric as I thought. So, I'll just keep going until I run out of either warp or cloth or enthusiasm.
And for my spin Zen, I'm playing with this. It's SO soft!

I'd told myself, 'no more spinning without a plan for the yarn once it's spun'. That got as far as the last fiber I spun up. I have no idea what this is going to be. I only know that it feels yummy and it's just what I need when I need some peace and relaxation.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Learning to work together

Since Sophia and I are just learning to work together, I find myself weaving for a bit and then climbing down under the loom to adjust some of the treadle tension. I was rather shocked at how much I'd done when I stopped to take the picture. I guess I'm too focused on the mechanics right now. In this shot, the blue is more true.

This is my first ever 12 shaft pattern. I pulled it off of  It's 8/2 cotton from my stash. I didn't have enough white or natural for the warp, so I added some pale yellow and gray. The color differences are not noticeable unless you look for them. In the meantime, I still didn't empty any of the cones. Although, I did make serious inroads. I had intended that this be a light-weight baby blanket. We'll see how it finishes before I decide.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

First project off of the new loom. (I used a 4 shaft draft from Weaver's Craft, Issue 17, p.8.) I'm trying to shrink my stash, so I chose the aqua yarn. Warp for five towels and weft for two used it up! Then I picked the purple, because it's the only other 8/2 cotton yarn I had that was as coarse as the aqua. All the rest of my non-mercerized 8/2 is So soft, that I don't think it would absorb anything.

I knew that it would make more sense to go from a 4 shaft first project to maybe an 8 shaft, but I don't do 'easy'. I have 12 shafts now, I'm going to use them! So, setting up.

Yeah. This could take a while.

And it did. But here she is (and I think she likes the name Sophia, or Sophie) ready to test the sheds...all 12 of them!

Monday, August 13, 2012

We brought home a new toy from Convergence 2012, a Glimakra Standard. After a few FedEx deliveries, she'll be a 12 shaft, 12 treadle. And she needs a name.
Sitting inside to thread the heddles.
Sitting underneath to tie up treadles.