Friday, October 30, 2015

Please forgive the reflections on the glass. 
I just brought the next two pictures back from the framer. 
This counted cross-stitch was such a pleasure to work on (think "paint by numbers"). The artist who designed it is a magician. There are only six colors, ranging from black to pale green and pale gray. The unstitched white areas are actively a seventh color. Amazing!
And this needlework was a gift to us from my niece, purchased  when she lived in China. The framer is getting lots of work from me, lately.

I was honored to be commissioned to make this tallis for my friend's granddaughter.

The young lady chose the colors and designed it with me. The bag, reinforcement squares at the corners and atarah (collar decoration) were all made on a separate warp with the same threading.

Here's a close-up. It's woven in tencel and a fine metallic yarn for the thin stripes. The tencel is sett at 24epi. There are 18 of the wide stripes (18 being a 'magic' number, meaning 'Life').

I bought this wool a couple of years ago on one of our driving trips.

Just as we have no idea where we're heading as we drive, I have no idea what this yarn's going to be when it grows up.
So, it's on to the next! This fiber is a hand-dyed merino wool from Malabrigo. I had to (arm twisting) buy it. I've only ever seen them make their pretty knitting yarns (...and bought a few!).