Sunday, April 27, 2014

The "After" pictures...Non-fiber

I have been working on knitting a pair of socks and designing and dressing Sophie for some yardage. And a sweater I knitted only needs to be blocked. But the big project in our home has been taking up most of my time. If you click here, you'll see the "before" pictures. But below are the "after" pictures. It's mostly done! I think it just needs some handwoven towels and a curtain. Hmmm... What color(s)?
I've been waiting nigh on 25 years to re-do this, our master bathroom. The river rock feels So good on my feet!

Fancy rainfall showerhead.

A cabinet with Drawers!!!

And even an easy to clean toilet!!!

Just two years ago, this was all dirt.

I still have a plant here and there to add, but it's pretty amazing!

The path is almost right. Now, just to figure out how to make some raised beds in the corner.

It makes me smile!