Sunday, July 7, 2013

Stash Busting Gone Awry

Well, my stash busting has gone awry. My husband and I went to a wedding on the fourth of July that took us through Solvang on the way home the next day. We stopped in Thumbelina, the needlework shop where I'd purchased this in the end of April. It took me a month and a half. 

No more needlepoint. Right?! Well, we made a side trip to Thumbelina, again...just to look.

This was labeled as marked down from $99 to $49. Okay. How could I resist? But there was another canvas that grabbed me. It wasn't priced. Hmmm. The owner said that since I'm actually purchasing to do the work, $50 for this one, too.!!!!!!!!

It's about 38 x 20, and it's done in a style called "tremme" (sp?). There's a diagram of it here, but it's not labeled as such. Just look for the black and white picture under terminology on the linked page. It'll be fun to try something new...but, when?!                                  I'm still spinning a beautiful cotton with my Majacraft stylus and weaving that MISERABLE...I mean magnificent...the pendulum swings...mediocre... Okay, let's stop with the adjectives while I'm ahead, mohair scarf. I have one sweater that's knitted and ready to assemble. And my current knitting project is another sweater. I'm at the elbow on the first sleeve. Once the second sleeve is done, I can sew it together and be done with it, too. Pictures to come, I'm hoping by the end of the week. That is, if I can stay away from the roses...?