Sunday, January 17, 2016

A Little of This and That

I've been busy with a little of this and that. I knitted hats and scarves to help during Boston's chill winter.

And I'm decluttering and reorganizing the house. What do you do with your old and well used and loved quilts?

I made these 15 or 20 years ago for my daughter. They're both eroding (the quilts, not my daughter). For now, I took these pictures. Maybe I'll  donate them (again, the quilts, not the pictures). I think. Maybe. Or not.
After finishing the tallis, I finally gave myself permission to open the boxes we brought home from Glimakra back in July. Here you can see the extension added to the back side of the loom. Luckily, it didn't need to stay this big. I think of it as 'Sophie's bustle'. You can see the drawloom on the chair in the foreground.
Everything had to come down. The countermarch (all the pulleys and string that make things go when I step on a treadle) needed to be taken off the top of the loom. The jacks (vertical slats) had to be flipped 180 degrees and all the strings needed to be moved to the alternate side of the jacks.

Once everything was back in place, I dressed Sophie for our next project. I put enough warp on her to make another sample before the real weaving begins. (And, yes, I'm being cryptic. I'll tell you later. It's a secret.) See the warping stick I "wove" into the cloth? Watch what happens after I cut the sample off: 

Just by lacing the stick back onto the loom, Sophie's dressed and ready to go! Yay! It certainly beats having to re-tie all 1100+ ends back on by hand!