Monday, February 23, 2015

Twist my Arm

Back in July when my younger son said, "Mama, I need a gym bag", it felt like a ridiculous (read 'overwhelming') request.  How easily he can twist my arm! I started to work on it. The only ready-made pattern I could find was McCall's M6410, which is a children's size. When is the last time you altered a backpack pattern? Yeah, me too. Fast forward a few months and I had the cloth on the loom. That was completed in November. And, not that I was dragging my heels, but I didn't start sewing until last month.
This is a picture of my jammed sewing machine. And a project once again marked as "pending".
But I did finally get it done!
I can't remember if he told me it was "legit" or "sick", but I'll take either one! I'm pretty proud of myself, too!
And since I'm always knitting, here are some warm wool/silk socks for the Bostonians. This yarn was the RedFish I bought back in November.
And finally, here's Gilmore on his way to his new home!