Friday, June 5, 2015

Getting Caught Up

My serger's back so I'm finally getting caught up on some finishing work! Woo hoo! (Yes, I'm bouncing in my chair as I type this!)
This was my stash buster's dream (warp and weft are left-overs of different cottons I had on hand). For the weft, I just filled a bobbin and wove until it ran out. Then, I switched to another yarn and color. What I learned: 1) If there's not enough yarn to complete the x-rows of the repeat, go back to the end of the last repeat (unless you don't care if it looks messy). So, you "waste" a little yarn. That was the point, anyway. 2) Use an extra thread on each edge for the selvedges. Without it, the edges look almost like a double weave gone bad. A few extra minutes during set-up can save the finished look of the project. (And if you end up not needing them, you can pull them out.)  3) You don't always need a pattern, trust the process. The worst that can happen is that you learn that you don't like something and it becomes trash or a give-away. The best that can happen is that you learn and grow and love it! ...And, I do!

These blankies are drall, just like the multi-color one above. It's amazing how different they look! These were the last project I wove with Gilmore, before he was adopted out to his new home.

When I posted a picture of them here, the color of these silk hankies was so off that I wanted to try, again. I think I finally figured out how to adjust the color of pictures I take with my phone/camera. I'm currently spinning these on my Suzie.

This is the Shadow weave shawl I had so much trouble with (well, the black one pictured below) before I got the OttLite. The light made a world of difference in the weaving!

Both are on the same black and gray warp, as is the weft of the one on the right. As I was weaving it, I was wondering "what if?" So, I made a small sample between the two shawls and changed it up! For the one on the left, I used blue instead of gray. I love it! It's amazing how stiff the tencel is when it comes off the loom. After laundering it's so soft and drapey! It's warped at 24epi.