Saturday, April 28, 2018

Big and Little

I've been busy working on projects big and little.
Starting with the big, this is the completed double-knit afghan I designed. Color theory learning moment: There needs to be lots of contrast between the two colors for the design to pop. Sigh. Maybe next time!
For our friends' newest family member, this is big. It's to grow into.
The little hat fits her now.

And a tiny sweater for our soon to be here grandbaby.

My completed handwoven, lightweight, baby blankets. Check out the fun hem I did on the green one!
My husband has claimed the little, knit hedgehog.
And he's put a bid in for the aardvark!

This rather large tangle is actually the finished pieces of another crocheted animal. Really! They're both from the pattern book, Edward's Menagerie.
I've set up my drawloom on Sophie, again. My stash of baby blankets has become quite small, so I decided on a big project. I dressed her with enough warp to make nine blankets!
My biggest project, as always, is the garden. In front, I've been trying various plants on the curb (where I'd taken out the dying trees), just to see what works.

In the backyard...

...a big, spring meadow!


  1. Ah, I love, love, love your yard!! Just splashes of color wherever you look. How nice to be able to see that each day. Your weaving is wonderful, I tried a baby blanket, bogged down, and quit, so I'm impressed at yours. That little hat is precious with the soft colors and the design. Nice projects!

  2. Love the hedgie! The little hat is just darling! You have a lot of projects going and I like them all.