Sunday, December 3, 2017

Not a Lot to Show for It

I've been crazy busy, but without a lot to show for it.
This summer, just before we walked into Knitting Nation in Nyack, NY, my hubby and I were saying that we hadn't seen any knitted toys in a while. We turned around, and there was the fluffy yarn called Caribou!
This stuffed doggie is the only thing I've finished lately.  
I wanted something relatively simple on Sophie. And I'm down to only one baby blanket in my gift drawer.  
These are to be light weight cotton ones with yarn from my stash.The warp is an 8/2 unmercerized, pale yellow. This weft is pale green.
And here, the weft is a rose color. They're off the loom, but not hemmed or labeled, yet.
Again, from my stash, I'm knitting up a cotton baby hoodie.

Because I don't have enough to keep me busy (wink, wink), I bought some new tape measures and other "can't do withouts".

My double-knit afghan is still in process. I started it during our summer road trip.

I was so happy to have finished spinning up all 4 oz of Chasing Rainbows silk with my Suzie. Then, while looking through my fiber stash for something to spin next, I found 6 oz more of the same colorway.

My only project that's never completed, nor would I want it to be, is my garden. And with the more moderate weather, I have been spending most of my non-work time out there. The rest will have to wait for a rainy day! 

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  1. What wonderful projects all around! I like your baby blankets that are so classy and look so soft. The silk looks like it would be very nice to spin, do you have a project in mind for the yarn? Best wishes on your garden, I meant to do more before the cold weather came, but....
    Have a great weekend,